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Thu Mar 10 2016
I originally saw Dr. Chew six years ago when I was trying to get pregnant. After three years of trying and on the verge of costly IVF, I saw Dr. Chew and within three months of her treatments I was pregnant with my daughter, who just celebrated her fifth birthday. I have now returned to Dr. Chew after being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. The rheumatologist recommended that I "take more ibuprofen" for my chronic back pain. Dr. Chew is helping me figure out which food is causing my immune system to go haywire, with the expectation that I can actually get my pain in remission through diet rather than just treating the symptoms with pharmaceuticals. I am so grateful for her thoughtful and gentle approach, her knowledge and experience with functional medicine. I know I am in good care with her.

Thank you for your thoughtful words. Patients are looking for a good Dr. but I am looking for compliant patients! Thanks for being willing to take responsibility for your health. Dr. Anne

Wed Jan 27 2016
I began seeing Dr. Chew after four years of college basketball and a traumatic event just before graduation left my brain and body completely worn down. It is hard for me to remember how bad I felt then, because I feel so much better now. The greatest gift Dr. Chew gave me was knowledge on how to better take care of myself. I thrive off of that gift every day of my life. Thanks, Dr. Chew!!

Sharing my knowledge with beautiful people like you is my joy. Dr. Anne

Wed Jan 27 2016
Ten year ago I had found Dr. Chew through my doctor, because a family member was suffering from an anxiety disorder. We had gone to counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists. They all wanted to prescribe pharmaceuticals. Dr. Chew was our final visit before we made the decision. Through counseling, minor diet changes, vitamins, and "natural" anxiety supplementation, this family member is leading a happy, normal life free of drugs. <br /> In the meantime, Dr. Chew helped me with my migraine headaches, which I no longer suffer from, and a myriad of other health issues as they arise. Now, all of my family members, and a myriad of friends that I have referred to Dr. Chew benefit from her incredible healing knowledge. She is a natural healer, not only taking care of specific issues, but promoting long term overall health, with the goal of preventing illness and disease through acupuncture, diet, supplementation, and counsel. LOVE HER!

Love you and your family right back. Dr. Anne

Donna W
Tue Jan 26 2016
Dr. Anne and her amazing staff has truly changed my perspective on healthy eating and seeking better health. I feel blessed to have such a kind and educated doctor guiding me physically and holistically. THANK YOU!

It has been a fun journey. Dr. Anne

Angelene P.
Thu Jan 21 2016
Dr. Chew’s greater wealth of knowledge, clinical treatment practice skill and caring investment in my recovery from a devastating Spinal Cord injury gave me back my life.<br /> When Traditional Western based doctors dismissed me ever regaining normalcy she simply got to work. Now, ten years later and with her care I am dancing!<br /> Dr. Chew created miracles.<br /> Angelina P.<br />

You are a miracle. Dr. Anne

Tue Jan 19 2016
If you want a doctor who will really listen to you, I recommend giving Dr. Chew a try. She takes the time to learn about your health concerns and "connect the dots". Not only have I experienced greatly improved health during the two years I have been her client, I've gained a great deal of knowledge about the human body and how everything is interconnected, including emotions! Dr. Chew is a skilled professional with vast knowledge that she is eager to share, giving guidance about how to improve overall health. She and her staff demonstrate genuine concern for their clients and it is always a pleasure to do business with Acu-Choice Health Care.

It is a joy working with you, Carrie. Dr. Anne

Sun Jan 17 2016
Dr. Chew has an incredible understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how to integrate TCM with conventional western medicine. She clearly explains health issues from a perspective often new to me. She is compassionate, calm and never rushed, and exceptionally skilled in acupuncture and other natural therapies. Her office manager, Patti, is always pleasant and is very knowledgeable and helpful with insurance issues.

Many Thanks. Dr. Anne

Teri F
Tue Jan 12 2016
After a slip on the ice and a week of absolute misery and walking hunched, I found Dr. Chew. I had never had acupuncture and was somewhat nervous. I appreciate the time she spent talking with me before the session and I felt very at ease with her. After I received the acupuncture, I was amazed to find I could stand up straight and the pain was greatly reduced. A few days later I returned for a followup session and now find that my level of discomfort is almost non-existent. I appreciate Dr. Chew's gentle demeanor and the peacefulness I have experienced in her offices. I look forward to developing a healing journey under her care ! I have no hesitation at recommending her to others.

Many thanks Teri. Dr. Anne

Joyce Feustel
Thu Jan 07 2016
I have been seeing Dr. Chew at Acu-Choice Health Care for just over two years, and I have benefited in many ways from her treatments and her guidance. The fact that she is steeped in several related fields to acupuncture appeals to me a lot.

Thanks Joyce. Dr. Anne

Thu Dec 31 2015
Over the years I have used many alternative healing practices to maintain excellent health. Acupuncture by Dr. Chew has been the most helpful by far. Recently Dr. Chew has helped me with severe back and neck pain that was debilitating. She has helped to keep me off pharmaceuticals and avoid surgery. I am able to do my daily activities once again without pain. Over the years I have seen Dr. Chew for post rotator cuff surgery pain management and a VERY bad case of shingles. Dr. Chew said I was the second worst case she’d seen of shingles. I was 80% better after the first acupuncture treatment. Dr. Chew said if she had not seen how bad I was herself, she would not have believed the results. Within 2-3 weeks my shingles were completely gone. Dr. Chew’s knowledge and quality of care are top notch and her professional/kind bedside manner make it easy to recommend her services.

Barb H
Wed Dec 30 2015
I have been going to Acu-Choice Health Care for over ten years. Dr. Chew has helped me with all aspects of my health. Everything from allergies to weight loss and most currently Parkinson's Disease. I truly believe following what she has recommended has been extremely beneficial in slowing the progression of the disease. As long as I take the supplements and receive acupuncture I do well.<br /> <br /> Dr. Chew and her staff are always patient, supportive, helpful and professional. I recommend Acu-Choice Health Care to anyone who has an interest in natural health care and being healthy.

Thank you Barb. Always a joy to see you. Dr. Anne

Miichelle D.
Mon Dec 14 2015
Seven years ago I was introduced to Dr. Chew and I have not regretted a moment of our relationship. First and foremost, Dr. Chew enters into a relationship with her 'patients'. One that is acceptable and comfortable for both parties. Never once did I feel pushed into a decision I was not ready to make, as I had many times with 'general practitioners'. <br /> Equally as important to me was the comfort of knowing that any and all supplements were "natural' vs. 'manufactured'. Dr. Chew's gentle manner overflows to her staff, which again, I greatly appreciate. I have no hesitation at all in recommending her expertise to you.

Thank you Michelle. I value our long relationship also. It has been gratifying to be a part of your healing journey. Dr. Anne

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